Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Drawings

ATIRE #1 | 210x297mm | Pen & Ink & Wash | Framed

IINVERT #1 | 210x297mm | Pen & Ink & Wash | Framed

Mingo Lamberti - Myths & Legends

I got to design a T-shirt for Mingo Lamberti's new range about myths and legends.

Essie Letter Press Artist's Almanac 2014

I illustrated the month of April for the 2014 Essie Letter Press Artist's Almanac. The other contributing artists are all amazing. It's definitely worth getting a copy before they sell out.
Buy one HERE.

Dear Reader - We Followed Every Sound


I was commissioned to design the cover artwork for Dear Reader's live album "We Followed Every Sound" this year.
You can buy the album (Which is great) HERE.