Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Drawings

ATIRE #1 | 210x297mm | Pen & Ink & Wash | Framed

IINVERT #1 | 210x297mm | Pen & Ink & Wash | Framed

Mingo Lamberti - Myths & Legends

I got to design a T-shirt for Mingo Lamberti's new range about myths and legends.

Essie Letter Press Artist's Almanac 2014

I illustrated the month of April for the 2014 Essie Letter Press Artist's Almanac. The other contributing artists are all amazing. It's definitely worth getting a copy before they sell out.
Buy one HERE.

Dear Reader - We Followed Every Sound


I was commissioned to design the cover artwork for Dear Reader's live album "We Followed Every Sound" this year.
You can buy the album (Which is great) HERE.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Former Mountains

I have work in an exhibition at the moment alongside Jean De Wet, Dale Lawrence and Michael Tymbios. It is showing at Salon91 Contemporary Gallery until 18 September. Pop in if you can.

Here are some of my works from the show:

Upheave | Pen & Ink on Paper | 210x210mm

Unhand | Pen & Ink on Paper | 350x560mm

Future Mountain #3 | Pen & Ink on Paper | 150x150mm

Emerge | Pen & Ink on Paper | 300x300mm

Ash Cloud #1 - Eclipse | Pen & Ink on Paper | 330x470mm

Ash Cloud #2 - Ascend | Pen & Ink on Paper | 330x470mm

Contour #1 | Pen & Ink on Paper | 150x150mm

Contour #2 | Pen & Ink on Paper | 150x150mm

Contour #3 | Pen & Ink on Paper | 150x150mm

House And Leisure / Rising Stars

I have been lucky enough to be included in House And Leisure's list of "Rising Stars".
There are a bunch of really, really talented guys on the list also.

Maybe get yourself a copy (or steal one from your gran or the dentist) and keep it in your car in case you are at the shops and you see my high school PT teacher, Mr Cloete, so you can show him I actually did something with my life other than being bad at rugby.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I did an etching workshop at Warren Editions last week. These are some of the test prints from the workshop. I haven't been able to print an edition of either yet so they are not for sale. If you know of someone with a press that I could use/borrow/rent I would be very grateful.

The Crossing #1 | 210x140mm | Aquatint Etching Print

Kiff Gif #1 | 210x140mm | Aquatint Etching Print

Thursday, June 6, 2013


SKIP #1 | 315x315mm | Pen & Ink | 310 g/m Arches Platine Paper | Framed

New work for Alaiah, a small exhibition that opens next week Wednesday (12 June) at It's A House.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Hand That Feeds

"The Hand That Feeds" | Pen & Ink | 180x180mm | 310g/m Arches Platine Paper | Framed

New work for an exhibition happening in Johannesburg soon. Based on a really bad joke I told when I was probably five or seven years old that my brother still mocks me about.

The Love Between You and I

Illustrations for Forage Press. An online publication where visual artists create visual articles about the music they love. For an article about Attack In Black. You can read/view the article Here.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


South Africa and Mexico are two countries that are steeped in rich cultural heritage. From mythical stories and urban legends to popular sayings. This project aims to show what each nation understands about the cultural dynamics of the other.

ZA+MX= is a group exhibition which marks an art & design collaboration between South African and Mexican Illustrators. 6 South African artists have been selected and will be paired up with 6 selected Mexican artists. The theme of the project will be based on proverbs. Each artist must choose a proverb/saying from his or her native land. The two country’s artists will then exchange the proverbs – this means that South Africa will send their native proverbs to Mexico, and Mexico will send theirs to South Africa.

The artists are then required to create two pieces of work based on their understanding or interpretation of the proverb. The art pieces will comprise an illustrated image of the proverb, accompanied by a typographic rendition of the allocated proverb as a second illustration.
The aim of the project is to explore cultural exchange through art & design, build a camaraderie spirit between artists in South Africa and Mexican artists, as well inspire each other and hopefully everyone that will come across the works.

These artworks, titled "Inhale" and "Ingest" are 900x600mm 3 color screen prints. That will be exhibited and sold in South Africa and Mexico later this year.

 "Voy derecho y no me quito, si me pegan me desquito." 

Which as far as I understand means heading towards one goal with no regrets or reservations about stepping on people to achieve your goal. 

INGEST | 900x600mm | 3 Colour Screen Print

INHALE | 900x600mm | 3 Colour Screen Print

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


New illustration. been doing a lot of digital drawings lately. Might do prints of this eventually.

Friday, May 3, 2013


A test illustration for a new style I've been working on.
Might continue a series of portraits. Might do some prints.

The High-Line

An illustration for Elle Decor SA. An article about the New York High-Line.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tracking the Pack

Editorial Illustration for The New York Times Op/Ed article Tracking the Pack.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Private Function | Dirty Collective

I did a t-shirt for Dirty Collective last year along with some some other radical artists (Skullboy, Ninja Bread Boy, Riot and Lee Herbert) that is being launched/sold at the Design Indaba tomorrow.

The range is called "Locals Only". There are only 30 prints of each shirt available.
My artwork is titled "Private Function". (You can buy the original drawing from me if you want)

There is also a really fun promo video of the process/range where I try to say something profound but I don't make any actual sense. I don't know how to put a Vimeo video on Blogger (Probably because Vimeo is fancy and blogger is for peasants) so you will have to click on this link if you want to watch it.

You can probably also order one from

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour: A test scene from a book that I'm in the early stages of writing/illustrating.
I've been trying to emulate my pen and ink drawings digitally to make things editable and to get in smaller details. I will probably do a small run of prints of this once I figure out what route to go (I really don't like digital prints). Let me know if you are interested and I'll get in touch when/if I eventually make prints. Print size will be between 420x420 and 594x594mm.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cazed Waves #4 (Flare)

Crazed Waves #4 (Flare) | 200x200mm | Pen & Ink |220g/m Daler Rowney Paper | Framed

New work. Available at Salon91 Gallery.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Poseidon/Neptune | 210x260mm | Pen & Ink | 220g/m Daler Rowney Paper | Framed

New work for the "Homeward Bound" Exhibition as part of the Cape Town International Tattoo Convention.

Exhibition opens tonight, 18:30 at the Cape Town City Hall.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Taken Route #2

Taken Route #2 | 297x297mm | Pen & Ink | 220g/m Daler Rowney Paper | Framed

Monday, January 7, 2013

Camera #2

Camera #2| 147X120mm | Oil Based Lino Print | 220g/m Daler Rowney Paper | Open Edition | Unframed 

 Price on Request