Thursday, May 16, 2013


South Africa and Mexico are two countries that are steeped in rich cultural heritage. From mythical stories and urban legends to popular sayings. This project aims to show what each nation understands about the cultural dynamics of the other.

ZA+MX= is a group exhibition which marks an art & design collaboration between South African and Mexican Illustrators. 6 South African artists have been selected and will be paired up with 6 selected Mexican artists. The theme of the project will be based on proverbs. Each artist must choose a proverb/saying from his or her native land. The two country’s artists will then exchange the proverbs – this means that South Africa will send their native proverbs to Mexico, and Mexico will send theirs to South Africa.

The artists are then required to create two pieces of work based on their understanding or interpretation of the proverb. The art pieces will comprise an illustrated image of the proverb, accompanied by a typographic rendition of the allocated proverb as a second illustration.
The aim of the project is to explore cultural exchange through art & design, build a camaraderie spirit between artists in South Africa and Mexican artists, as well inspire each other and hopefully everyone that will come across the works.

These artworks, titled "Inhale" and "Ingest" are 900x600mm 3 color screen prints. That will be exhibited and sold in South Africa and Mexico later this year.

 "Voy derecho y no me quito, si me pegan me desquito." 

Which as far as I understand means heading towards one goal with no regrets or reservations about stepping on people to achieve your goal. 

INGEST | 900x600mm | 3 Colour Screen Print

INHALE | 900x600mm | 3 Colour Screen Print

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