Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Christmas

Christmas is probably my second favorite holiday of the year. My first being my birthday, because I still get presents but don't have to buy any for other people.

But I still love the crap out of Christmas so I made these spiff Christmas cards for you to send to your estranged relatives and other people you don't really know/like well enough to get them something that's actually nice.

So all you need is a pair of scissors, sellotape, some fancy red/marble paper from EST Graphics, that bucket full of 20c coins that you're too embarrassed to use at the shops and a trip to the city library and all you Christmas card needs will be sorted.

Then after you've photocopied and cut everything just sellotape some silver coins in the designated spots and stick them in the mail. If the person lives in a different country don't bother with the coins because they won't be able to use them, but maybe put Christmasy stickers over the coin parts so that they don't feel like you love them less than the people who got money from you.

And because I have so much Holy/Christmas Spirit I'm giving these cards away as a free download! Get Some!

Merry Christmas everybody!

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