Thursday, March 15, 2012


RADAR opened at Salon91 last night. With Linsey Levendal, Jean De Wet, Michael Tymbios, Mieke Van Der Merwe and myself. The show is open until 31 March at Salon91, 91 Kloof Street Cape Town. You should stop by with some rich friends. There is some really awesome work. Mieke has amazing architectural travel drawings and Linsey is doing some rad things with layered water soluble colors and tiny pen lines. Mike and Jean have done, in my opinion, their best work so far. It kind of makes me wish I had become an accountant/drug lord/underpants model instead so that I could buy all their stuff.

This is a print that I did for the show:

See The Future(s)
560x420mm | Glicee Print | Framed | Signed Edition of 12

The original black and white drawing is available from me or the gallery.
(400x500mm | Unframed | Arches 310gsm Paper)

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